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Glamour modelling: What is beauty – glamour figure photography and all fashion model pictures & galleries – About us

Ivan is another word for discontent.

From the very beginning, he wanted to find out – “what is beauty”.

Later on, he started his career as a photographer, at the age of seven, when he took shots of parachutes falling against the sun and white clouds, in black and white.

At the age of 12 he had his works on a Paris exhibition.

He started with glamour figure photography when he met Renee, seven years ago.

She was into glamour modelling. A choreographer, aesthetic and make up designer, hair fashion stylist, artistic dancer and painter!

She convinced him to write.

One day, Ivy typed, “what is beauty” into the search engine browser. Then, he wrote “love“. He shimmered with cold upon looking at the answers.

He persuaded Renee to give out her secrets to the world.

About,”what is beauty”, glamour modelling and glamour figure photography.


Not to everyone, but to those who are ready to take the whole truth.

To make all fashion model pictures & galleries with glamour modelling and glamour figure photography as the best answer to women and the best means to understanding and learning.

– She had to admit, the world would only be better, the people would only look better – and no one could really look the same as she does –

Individuality is not about concurrence. It is about us coming to this world with a special fragrance – which you give out to a certain extent. Nothing to lose!


So we invite you, who can take the whole as the whole – to come and join us – enjoy all fashion model pictures & galleries and be a member of our big family!

The birthplace of all fashion model pictures & galleries

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