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Members and Users of, owned and operated by Pleroma Inc., the person or persons applying for membership (hereinafter referred to as “User” or “the User”), said User hereby states and affirms that:

  • User states that she/he desires to view the material for her/his personal or family use. User is responsible for his/her own actions, completely irrevocably. Furthermore, the User assumes any and all responsibility and liability for transmitting data or material(s) and all contents of said data, at her or his own risk, to or from world wide web server, by any telecommunications method.
  • User agrees that she/he cannot, and shall not, use any material obtained through in any commercial or professional manner, for any reason, at any time.
  • User States and affirms that relies upon the representations made by the user in whole and in part. The User understands that furnishing false information constitutes fraud and submitting a misrepresented or fraudulent application may subject the User to any and all legal actions as deemed appropriate.
  • Application approved, the User shall become a registered member and will be supplied with a password, which shall enable the User to gain access to the site’s members’ area.
  • User will be given a “User Name” and will also be supplied with a Password in order to gain access to and all content therein. User agrees and understands that the User name and Password, and all material viewed must remain under the User(s) personal control and said User shall assume full and total responsibility and not pass to any other person, by any means, the User name, Password or material obtained from Logins from more than two (2) distinct second-level domains shall constitute proof of violation of this clause of this agreement, with resultant removal of Username and Password without recourse or refund. User further agrees that she/he shall use the User Name and Password only for personal or family use with a typical Internet www browser.
  • Once the User has received a Password, then that User shall be known as a “Member” The Member understands that does not make any warranty, express or implied, as to the content or nature of any material within, as being suitable for any purpose, real or imagined. For that reason the User agrees and understands that the membership will continue with full force and effect for the period of time the User enrolled.
  • will take any and all action to assure that the service interruption shall be placed at a minimum. The User understands that technical difficulties do exist from time to time and shall not be unreasonable in allowing the web master to perform any and all service work or modifications in order to rectify any and all difficulties.
  • cannot guarantee compatibility of the member’s equipment, Internet connection or software. does specify that the site does work with an IBM type PC, a true dial-up account with graphical Internet access and Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5.01 or Netscape version 4.73.
  • User acknowledges that this Agreement may be subject to further limitations, restrictions or provisions, as deemed necessary and appropriate from time to time and that such Agreement shall constitute and serve as the entire agreement between and the User. This Agreement supersedes any prior agreements in whole or in part.
  • User agrees that this entire agreement shall be construed under the Seychelois Law holding jurisdiction over any and all matters concerning breaches of this Agreement, in whole or in part. User further acknowledges that should any court deem any part or parts of this Agreement and/or agreement void, invalid or unconstitutional in whole or in part, then the remaining part or parts shall be held with full force and effect.
  • By submitting an application for membership to, the User states that she or he irrevocably accepts this Agreement, in its entirety. User further states that she/he is in compliance with all terms and conditions, has read, and fully understands the nature and content of this Agreement and agrees to be irrevocably bound by same throughout.

Disclaimer provides this web site not as formally recognized “professional advice” but as guidelines for convenience only, upon the condition that the User, by receiving or reading the material contained on this web site, agrees not to act in reliance upon it without first satisfying herself/himself by independent intellectual judgement, enquiry or advice as to the suitability, appropriateness, relevance, nature, fitness or purpose, likely side effects or long term effects, accuracy, reliability or otherwise of that material, having regard (without limitation) to the physical condition of the user, her/his general fitness or medical and mental condition. The User agrees that the User shall have, make or bring no action, suit, claim, demand or proceedings against for damages, compensation, losses, costs, expenses, orders or any other legal or equitable remedy should any such material be found to be incorrect, inaccurate, erroneous, defective, deceptive or misleading, whether caused by negligence of or any other cause whatsoever.

Dated August 1st, 2003