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Glamour pics

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Glamour pics, female glamour – glamour fashion model galleries: female fashion models

Female glamour in glamour fashion model galleries, is our chance to open our hearts and minds before beauty, and feel some love. No belonging, no using, no jealousy – just joyful feelings.


Food for male soul – and models for ladies to shine.

Glamour fashion model galleries:

Female fashion models – and what about boyz’ glamour pics?

In this world we haven’t nerves to say pictures, just glamour pics.

We are taught we are born equal and have to compete to survive. This is the world of the male.

Female fashion models whisper we are not born equal, so we can accept others, and we can be soft and fragile; we could be airy, untouched by the world of rough matter and urges of prestige and domination; we should be equal before the law (but we aren’t) and we could compete in beauty, culture and goodness; while in survival, we can be one for all and all for one (the secret of prosperity!), not enemies. #

Female glamour is fragile before the “sensible” arguments of the logic based on greed.

Is it easy to make a career as female fashion models? – To combine competition with straightforward honest charm?

Female glamour and the glamour pics in the glamour fashion model galleries can be for us men (the one writing and his fellows) a way to remember love, beauty and that we are a gentle-man!

Male models, why not? Why men couldn’t be calm, harmonious and charming? Or loving?

Isn’t it easy to do so?